Vinyl opportunity

Order Tom Brosseau’s newest release, Treasures Untold, on vinyl and receive a letterpress keepsake tour poster. This special is a web offer only, a thank you to fans and friends the world over for supporting Tom’s music. Simply write [email protected] and put in the subject line “vinyl opportunity.” $30 for U.S.A. and Canada, $40 U.K. and Europe. PayPal and Credit Card accepted. All order shipped insured with a smile;-)

Praise for Treasures Untold:

“A character in a Tom Brosseau song doesn’t just cry – he wipes his eyes with his tie. Such details magnify the beauty in Brosseau’s precise performing style” Steven Wine, Associated Press

“In Brosseau’s hands, American songs, for all their inherent grittiness, flutter and float, and some essential element is laid bare. We hear in Rodgers’ songs some traces of juke joint blues, or Cajun ballads, or corridos. The story of our music is complex, but for a moment, in Brosseau’s hands, we see a few of its strands, and the connections seem simple and graceful” Chris Kissel, L.A. Record

“Tom Brosseau has the kind of voice that makes you lean in just a little closer to hear it. It is arresting and beautiful, completely unique. At once delicate and grounded, Brosseau is creating some of the more compelling traditional folk music at the moment, and his latest record is no exception. Treasures Untold is a 10-song collection recorded live at an intimate event in Cologne, Germany. Across six adaptations from the Great American Folksong Book, and four of Brosseau’s own original tunes, he manages to build a dreamy, atmospheric mood with just his voice and an acoustic guitar” Maeri Ferguson, Glide Magazine

Tom Brosseau’s Treasures Untold is out now on Crossbill Records.