The Flavorwire interview/ New Perfect Abandon album single “Take Fountain”

Jillian Mapes at Flavorwire recently conducted a little interview with Tom Brosseau, about influence and his new single, “Take Fountain.” You may enjoy this interview simply by clicking HERE.

“Take Fountain” is the heart of new Tom Brosseau album, Perfect Abandon (Crossbill Records/ Tin Angel Records). It was produced by John Parish, engineered by Ali Chant, and features the musical talents of Joe Carvell on double bass and Ben Reynolds on Stratocaster guitar. (Percussionist David Butler sat this song out.) A very light affair when it comes to accompaniment, but then less is more. The song consists of four verses, which correspond to four certain cross streets of Fountain Ave in Los Angeles. Those cross streets are Detroit, Cole, Alexandria, L. Ron. It is a song of action, moving through both mind and Los Angeles simultaneously, no interruption.

“Dark Garage” is the B-side, previously released only on the Tom Brosseau emaillist album, Rarities 2002-2011. It was recorded live at the University of California, Santa Barbara KCSB radio station in 2004. (If you’d like to be on the emaillist, easy. Click HERE, scroll to the bottom, fill out the form.)