Holiday special: Order Grass Punks and receive a gift

Compact disc or glorious vinyl recording, order the Grass Punks album by Tom Brosseau and receive a gift. In fact the gift will be your choice. Prairie rose, Barn, Lively wheat, Little buffalo with parent, or Horse with wreath, which is pictured below. That’s right, these are folk art drawings, each handmade by Tom Brosseau.

Simply email [email protected]. In the subject line you may cut and paste this phrase: 2014 Holiday Special. Your order should include the number of vinyl and compact disc. Don’t forget which folk art drawing you would like. PayPal and Credit Card accepted. $30 for vinyl, $20 for compact disc. Shipping is included.

High praise for 2014′s Grass Punks:

“It’s in the shadows where the sly Brosseau does his best work, transforming earthbound images into intimations of wonder, giving unremarkable everyday memories a mysterious, almost haunting poignancy.” NPR

“Stop awhile and tune him in.” Pitchfork

“North Dakota troubadour brings stark, trembling beauty to folky acoustic pop. The world is better for it.” MOJO

“His brand of country-infused folk is uplifting and unexpected.” CBC

“Tom Brosseau takes us to these places where we recognize that we’re “souls of crazy mirth.” Daytrotter

“Tom Brosseau‘s new record Grass Punks is a wonderful collection of songs that can be that companion at home at the end of the day. Intimate, wonderful and introspective.” Dublab

“Brosseau has spent years being a storyteller himself through his stark and honest lyricism.” WNYC

“Grass Punks, Brosseau’s seventh studio album and his first solo release in five years, is a heartfelt homage to flyover country and the souls that grow there.” UTNE Reader

“‘Tami’ is a pretty and soft track; a perfect way to get emotional about your past and remember how much you appreciate your loved ones.” FILTER

“Tom Brosseau brings folk vibes and nostalgic expressionist representations of first kiss memoirs that strum and unveil before your eyes and ears.” IMPOSE

"Horse with wreath." Folk art drawing by Tom Brosseau

“Horse with wreath.” Folk art drawing by Tom Brosseau