Personal Appearances

July 27: Berkeley CA: Redwood Grove Summer Concert: 5:00PM doors
August 23: Portland, Oregon: Private house concert: w/ special guest Daniel Levitin: [email protected]
August 24: Seattle: Fremont Abbey: w/ special guest Daniel Levitin: tickets
August 26: Huot, Minnesota: Chautauqua & French-Canadian/Metis Festival: 1:30PM
August 27 – September 5: Medora, North Dakota: The Great American Folk Show at the Old Town Hall: 1:30PM: tickets
September 7: San Diego: Java Joe’s:  w/ special guest Daniel Levitin; tickets and info, please call (619) 274-9987
September 8: Santa Monica, CA: McCabe’s: w/ special guest Daniel Levitin: tickets
September 10: Crookston, Minnesota: Polk County Historical Society’s Pioneer Day at Hafslo Church on the Polk County Museum grounds
September 14: Nashville: AMERICANAFEST
September 23: San Francisco: DIG Wine: w/ special guest Daniel Levitin: tickets and info, please contact DIG
September 24: Napa, CA: Winery Show: w/ special guest Daniel Levitin: email [email protected] for info
November 9: New York City: Rockwood Music Hall: 7PM